This is the section where past, present, and future students can find aid for the excessively high cost of studying. Any student 18 years old or over, or any parents of a student, can start building the funds needed for college. We cannot stand the idea that many kids are unable to go to college for economic reasons. Or that those who do attend, start their professional lives with significant student loan debt. Participating in this program will relieve the student from acquiring too many student loans, or can eliminate them completely if the student is very actively participating in our program. This program is also valid for the professionals that are still paying off their student loans.

The funds you are about to generate could go directly to your account and you could pay for your student loan. Church Of The Divine Prospect (COTDP) is offering you the opportunity to help us raise the funds necessary to be able to give you the grants you need to pay for college, to pay off your student loans, or to pay for your grant-specific needs. Why do we offer this option of getting grants to pay for your student loan(s)? For example, if you earn $100.00 with our program and the IRS takes $35.00 out of your incomes, you will have $65.00 left to pay your student loan. If you participate in this grant program, every penny earned by the account you opened will be sent by Church Of The Divine Prospect, at your request, to your college/university or student loan collector. The money will be in the form of a grant. This way, you will benefit 100% from your “efforts” to get rid of those loans or to pay for your studies. You are not earning any money; you are just participating in raising funds for the grant/donations program.

We can also consider funds for other types of grants (i.e. research grants).

We invite you to open more accounts in our program. You can open one for yourself and enjoy some extras in your life or you can open an account to help your retired parents or you can open an account to help some charity, etc. You are offering through our program, an honorable way to give somebody a chance to get back on track. With our program there is not one person giving and one person receiving; we are working together to help one another live a better life. We really believe in teaching somebody how to fish instead of giving him a fish.

Your participation in our program as a recipient for grants or to one helping a non-profit organization only requires your participation as a benevolent. When you participate in our program and get monetary compensation, you will not be considered an employee but an independent contractor. We have absolutely no control on what you do, how you do it and when you do it. You will be receiving money for your services as marketing peoples (independent contractors or companies).

Very important, you are not solicitors. Solicitors need special requirements. You are people or companies reaching people that have a need of our programs. You are marketing our programs.

To know more about how our programs works, go to “Learn more about how our program works”.

God bless you.

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