Beside the fact that the Tithe is a blessing for who ever practice it, in our program the Tithe will bring us so much more opportunity to work for the wellbeing of so many people.

In so many years of Church experience we didn’t find until now somebody that has been tithing and got in financial difficulties; for the contrary blessings have been always pouring in abundance.


Your donation is $20.00 a month and as soon as you earn over $200.00 a month in your wallet; for the following month the amount of your donation will be 10% of the monthly deposit of your wallet. If your wallet earned $340.00 this month, next month your donation will be $34.00. Because of the increase in the amount of donations collected monthly, the amount of the compensations will increase so much!
The above example shows that nothing is collected after the 6th downline. With the Tithe system everything happening after the 6th level becomes very important and we are going to show you how important it becomes. To understand what happens, just imagine a small wave that goes from the top to the bottom of our example getting bigger and bigger but goes very deep bellow the numbers of the example and then come back to us as a gigantic wave.
This new example shows on the three first columns, starting at the top, the system without the tithe. The fourth column starts at the bottom and shows how this wave coming back from the bottom is becoming gigantic.

TOTAL EARNINGS =          $ 5,460.00                         WITH TITHE: $23,538.64

1 4 $4.00  -> Your wallet will get $198.60 instead of $4.00
2 16 $16.00 -> Your wallet will get $523.68 instead of $16.00
3 64 $64.00 -> Your wallet will get $1,825.28 instead of $64.00
4 256 $256.00 -> Your wallet will get $7,034.88 instead of $256.00
5 1,024 $1,024.00 -> Your wallet will get $6,993.00 instead of the $1,024
6 4,096 $4,096.00 -> They are earning $340.00 each: (4+16+64+256). Their donation is now $34.00 x 5% (that goes to your wallet) =$1.70 x4,096 donors in this 6th line = $6,963.20
Thanks to the Tithe your wallet will receive for this 6th line, $6,963.20 instead of the $4,096.00.
7 16,384 $00.00 -> (they are earning $84.00 each: 4+16+64)
8 65,536 $00.00 -> (they earn $20.00 each: 4+16)
9 262,144 $00.00 -> (those people are earning $4.00 each)
10 1’048,576.00 $00.00 -> (Those people do not earn anything They just started and have no children)

TOTAL:                                  $5,460.00                    TOTAL: $23,538.64

With the Tithe system, everything happening below your 6th line becomes very important to your cause. Imagine what could happen with 12, 13 or 15 lines down?

Before the wave from the bottom will bring all this abundance, the program will start bringing some extras not as relevant as the ones from this example.
This example is just an hypothesis and shouldn’t be taken as a promise from us that this example is what will happen to you. Different results will be yielded from different levels of involvement.
The system of multiplication is very powerful but if you keep multiplying our numbers by 4, you will see that, mathematically speaking, you can reach a figure as large as the population on earth fairly quickly. However, while we wish we could reach the worldwide population, it is most likely going to take some time. In other words, the multiplication system has its limits.

We wish that you will be able to see the potential of those programs.
We extend our arms to invite you to participate in, our and your project, knowing that a lot of people are ready to help you out in this new adventure.

Don’t forget that it is a very common attitude for humans to be able to spend their money in things that are meaningless and to resist participating in helping other peoples and oneself.

Is it reasonable to consider that each person can find a donor per week = Yes
Is it dangerous to try the program for 2 months and spend $40.00 = No
Is your “effort” of finding 4 donors well rewarded with time = Yes
What happens if you are opening more than one account = 🙂
What happens if a lot of accounts are opened for charities, grants, etc… = 🙂

Hopping to see you soon as a donor in our programs, we extend our blessings to you and your whole family.

God bless you.

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