Our Church is following God laws to govern itself. Those laws are the only laws that can make a difference in this world bringing love among us, peace, and compassion. No harm can be done to anybody and our goal is to help as many persons as we can. The main mission of our church is to invite as many persons as possible to join our programs and to commit to behave upon God Laws.
Our church is also committed to make a difference in so many people lives on a more materialistically way. For this purpose we have designed different programs that are collecting donations to bring relieve to those in needs. The system is designed to use 55% of the donations to build our church’s project: the Divine Mercy Enclave. This project is going to have a so big impact over our society that it makes every penny spent, well spent. More information in the section dedicated to this Project.
30% of the donations are used to help right now all the persons and non profit institutions in need of help. 15% are kept for the functioning of our Church and for what ever emergency comes up.

Getting the funds for any project can be difficult and can take a very long time. We chose to get a different approach for the collection of the donations. Instead of trying to get in somebody else pocket and or generosity, we decided to make the collection of donations, a matter of everybody concern. We want everybody to fight their own cause. We want everybody to be involved and interested in what ever their needs are. We are not reaching somebody else pocket, for the contrary we are offering options to solve a lot of problems right now for whoever wants to participate in our programs.

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