We want to change this mentality of selfishness and lack of compassion. We designed a program that unite people and make them “work“ in groups and one for the other. To participate in our program, you need to sign up as a donor and commit to donate $20.00 a month. The donation coming out of your pocket shouldn’t be for more than three months at the most making your real out of pocket disbursement something about sixty dollars. For whatever program you are involved-in, in order to activate the payment of monies for yourself, for a grant or for a non profit entity you will need to sign up four peoples by yourself. The only requirement besides donating every month is to have each donor signing-in four other persons. Meanwhile you rich this goal, other peoples might be helping you getting those four peoples to start your group for you. You will be able to build your group of peoples meanwhile you get your own four persons which will be the key for you to access the portion of the funds your group generated. We are really talking about people helping people.

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