The third purpose of Church Of The Divine Prospect is to strengthen the concept of family. Family life is commonly undermined by long working hours that do not leave much time for attention, love, education, etc.

The communities we want to build will be focused in making sure that the quality of life in those places will be the best possible as a Paradise on earth. Those communities will be for the most part, self-sufficient—producing its own organic food, non-harmful cleaning products, and completely focused on eliminating the negative impact that society has on our planet. We will welcome all the latest technology that can help us reach our goals.

The communities will need to produce some products or services in order to generate the money needed to maintain itself, and to help construct other communities. Quality of work and life, free time to enjoy the family, time to study or practice sports, responsible freedom, union harmony, and spirituality are the main focuses of the Divine Mercy Enclave Project.

We will start very shortly to open discussions regarding all the techniques and ideas available to build the first community.

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