The second purpose of our Church is to help whoever needs it. A Lot of charities are helping the needy with some immediate help to alleviate them partially from the effects of their problems. Those charities are doing a fantastic job and we want them to get all the possible help from our program to keep working in helping the needy. Meanwhile those charities are lifting up those people we want them to have through our program the opportunity, if they wish, to get back on track and eventually help other people too. We want to be the tool that will bring a long lasting solution to their problems. It is our opinion that it is not good to get people used to being assisted; we think it is better to have a lot of people working together for the well being of a community. Nobody is excluded from the opportunity, but we will ask all the participants in our program to tell us if somebody is using the earnings of our program for bad purposes. We will help people to get out of drugs, alcohol, out of the street, get back on track after jail time etc… with big joy and satisfaction, but we will not keep people in our program that use the money to hurt themselves or others. Right now, we want to connect with all the good people out there and with the other ones who want to change their lives and make a good impact in society. We need to start caring for one another; we want Church Of The Divine Prospect to create a web of solidarity.

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